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Keywords: Erlang, ReactJS, SVG, visualization, Clickhouse.

My experience

In the past two years, I was working in the Erlyvideo company with Max Lapshin. The company focuses on developing Flussonic video streaming media server, using Erlang/OTP. I really enjoyed working with Erlang/OTP because it's a very powerful platform.

During my time at Erlyvideo, I was dealing with video streaming on the daily basis. I have been fixing bugs in the streamer, implementing features, writing tests, researching our customers’ troubles and providing them with fixed builds. I've also worked on sessions-tracking code, which limits max allowed video sessions per token. In addition, I have dealt with archive replication code between flussonics. Furthermore, I have rewritten MPEG-TS UDP push code, for which I have described the step-by-step solution (in Russian) some time ago.

Nevertheless, despite the variety of problems I have been solving, I can't say that I fell in love with video streaming and it's complexities. Apart from working on the streamer, I also did the following tasks:

  • Developed new admin interface for flussonic using React.js. I worked on the design, markup as well as the code (screenshot one and two).
  • Worked on side projects and internal company services, mostly using Ruby on Rails nd Python + Flask.
  • Worked on internal service that collected streamers’ sessions and used Clickhouse as storage. Also have done some simple aggregations and visualization of results (partially using bare SVG + React, partially d3.js).

Although working as a backend programmer, I've developed a particular interest for visualization. Recently I've made an interesting demo — the visualization of Erlang shell commands execution (Erlang, React, Websocket, SVG). Details:

What I would love to work on

I would love to do data collection (Clickhouse?), analytics and visualization. I would also like to create visual interfaces to explore and manage complicated data.

I would love to help develop some IoT (Internet of Things) solutions because I'm interested in communication between various devices and different parts of one system.

I would love to develop something similar to my recent demo:

I have strong learning skills and I’m willing to embrace new challenges. If necessary, I can learn new programming language or dive into unfamiliar platform. If you think that you have any job opportunities that align with my interest and qualifications, please write me to this email.