Just finished reading "Animal Farm" by George Orwell.

Amazing fairy tale that allegorically tells about the October Revolution, struggle between Stalin and Trotsky, and even WW II in Russia.

Published in 1945, Animal Farm still raises questions that we Russians haven't answered up to this day. What is the essence of communism, if communists themselves became oppressors even though they promised to fight against oppression at the very beginning?

How come that in the first socialist country hundreds of thousands of people (or even millions) became slaves, forced into labor camps without opportunity to appeal their case to the public court?

We had replaced one system of oppression with another. Nothing really changed. We had privileged class in the Tsarist Russia, and we got it in USSR too.

Maybe Russians could have industrialized their country, won the war and flew into space without destroying their own government and culture? Do same without killing so many people? Without doing so, we wouldn't have to painfully build it from scratch even up to this day.